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The Authentic Self

Our Authentic Self is the person we were always born to be.  Brave to be ourselves and happy to do what we love to do. The most powerful ability we were created with is the freedom to be who we want to be. There is nothing more important than our ability to choose to be our Authentic Selves. We don’t have to create it, we don’t have to find it, we don’t need permission to use it, and we don’t have to apologize for using it.  It is our God-given right to be our Authentic Self in the happiest, most successful, healthiest form we can be. All we must do to awaken our Authentic Self is to believe that it exists.

Before you can believe that the power to change is inside you, you must have the desire to want to change. Nobody can change you but yourself.  The moment we realize that something is not right in our lives is the moment we can start to do something about it.  The moment we realize we are sick and tired of feeling sad, lonely, and miserable is the moment we are ready for change.  The way to change back to our Authentic Self is through our subconscious mind. It is responsible for slowly transforming us into the Impostor Self we now live with, or the person we think we have to be in order for other people to like us. The power to change is in our subconscious mind.


Let me tell you a little bit about our subconscious mind.  First, our subconscious mind is always listening and ready to take our orders. That is what it was created to do. It’s like a radio station antenna always listening for your voice, your thoughts, and your mental images. Second, it will not argue with you. What you say, it will believe is true. Even if what you say is wrong, it will believe is true. Even if what you say is fake, it will believe is true. Even if what you say is negative, it will believe is true.  Your subconscious mind does not care if you are right or wrong, if you are positive or negative, if you are good or evil, it will always believe what you say is true. And third, your subconscious mind is your most powerful ally.  Make friends with it and you will become unstoppable in all your endeavors. 

Just how we slowly change from our Authentic Self into the Impostor Self, we can reverse the change.  We can reverse the damage and change back to our default Authentic state of mind by feeding our subconscious mind with positive thoughts.  The opposite of darkness is light, the opposite of cold is heat, the opposite of negative thoughts is positive thoughts. The way to change your negative mind is by feeding it positive thoughts and positive images. What we have been saying to ourselves all our lives is the result of all the things we heard other people say about us. We heard the insults, we believed them, and our subconscious mind accepted them as true. With time, we created an entirely new false belief system that brought us unhappiness and grief.  The amazing news is that we can reverse this damage. We can instead choose to believe good, happy, positive thoughts about ourselves and live a happy, successful, and confident life.


It’s important that we send the right signals to our subconscious because it controls our emotions. Stop yourself as soon as you hear a negative thought creep into your mind and reverse the message immediately to a positive one. Never finish a negative sentence!  As soon as you hear a mean thought pop up in your mind, say to yourself “I love myself; I love myself; I love myself.” Say this affirmation ten times every single day.  It might feel weird or fake in the beginning because your Impostor Self will not align with it, but with time it will start to feel right. 

You might hear a lot of negative chatter thoughts contradicting what you just said, but that’s normal. This is just your subconscious mind talking back to you telling you that your new message does not align with your previously negative belief.  Don’t worry, this feedback is temporary. Keep saying it and it will soon start to accept your new belief. It can’t help it, that’s what it was created to do. It was created to follow orders. The orders you believe are true.  Whatever you say it believes, whatever you want, it will chase after, whatever you are, it will attract. Say this mantra every morning, during the day, and every night before sleep, and watch as your thoughts slowly but surely begin to align with your new Authentic Self.

“I love myself.  I radiate and attract love because I am love.”

Give yourself 20-30 days and you will see your mind begin to magically transform.  You might hear the impostor judging you or making fun of you during this time.  Most of us have been conditioned for 10 or 20 years to become this Impostor Self, so you will need some time to recondition and reset back to the original Authentic Self. 

Let me tell you a story about how I beat resistance from my Impostor Self in my fitness journey. I always wanted to be fit, but every time I started to work out, I would stop about three months later. This happened every time as soon as I began to feel fit, I suddenly came up with any excuse to stop.  I would say “I’m too tired to work out”, “I don’t have time to work out anymore” or I just downright became physically sick. This happened to me for years, always as soon as I began to feel healthy and fit. I never understood why I always stopped, until I discovered my subconscious mind was creating this resistance because of my Impostor Self.  Anytime you encounter resistance, is the time to power through.  My out-of-shape self did not align with my newly created fit self.  I was destined for doom because I was still living with my Impostor Self, and SHE WAS NOT FIT.  My subconscious mind did everything to revert back to my firmly held belief that I was weak, sickly, and out of shape. 


Now that I knew what was causing my inevitable failure, I was ready, and I knew just what to do.  This time I was going to start with my subconscious mind.  I did not say, “hey subconscious, I want to work out”, instead I firmly stated with complete faith and belief the following statement: “I AM A FITNESS COACH.”  At first, I heard my subconscious mind say back to me, “uh have you looked in the mirror lately, you do not look like a fitness coach, and you do not coach anyone. Are you sure? It does not align well with the self I currently have on file for you.”  I kept repeating it with faith and confidence, “yes, I am sure, I am a fitness coach.” My subconscious mind cannot argue with me, so before long I did not hear resistance or any negative feedback, just but pure blissful acceptance. My subconscious mind knows what a “fitness coach” looks like and acts like, so soon I began to resemble that.  At first, I felt weird posting workout photos on social media because my Impostor Self was still alive, well, and thriving. I’m not gonna lie, I felt embarrassed because this was not the “me” I knew my whole life. I mean, I always wanted to be, but I never could. This fit person was not part of my description. My whole life I was a thin sickly person with a weak immune system, a heart arrhythmia, frequent migraines, and fibromyalgia nerve pain.  Nothing about this says, fitness coach. In fact, the moment I decided to change was when I was bedridden paralyzed, and unable to walk after the most painful fibromyalgia flare of my life.  I knew at that moment, crying in bed, with sharp stabbing pain on my lower back, that there was nothing else I wanted more in life than to be healthy. With great effort and perseverance, my shame vanished, my illnesses that had control over my body my whole life faded, and a newly confident fit woman replaced her.  I have been on my fitness journey for three years now and there are no signs of stopping.  In fact, I just can’t imagine my life not working out and feeling healthy and fit.  With my subconscious on my side there is nothing stopping me. I know this.  I believe this. This is the power of my subconscious mind.