Goddess Mindset

With everything we have been telling ourselves, we have been hypnotizing ourselves by believing everything bad others said about us. It was our choice to believe it and we did because it was consistent with how we actually feel about ourselves. if they said we couldn’t do it, and we believed we couldn’t do it, we didn’t. if they said we couldn’t and we believed we could, we did. All the hardships in life come from merely believing what others say about us.

So now it is time we change what we believe!

As young girls, we create our identity by simply believing everything others say about us. Our parents, our friends, siblings, and teachers. our childhood is so important because this is the time we first create our first identity. Our initial self is not our Actual Self. Our Actual Self is our “Actualized Self” and she comes after she has reached a level of thinking she no longer bases her beliefs on what others think of her, she is now living her life at full potential. This is the Goddess Mindset.


Self-confidence is built on experiencing success. By experiencing successes or simply by remembering our past successes, we build up on our confidence level.