We are told to have positive thoughts and to be optimistic about our life all the time. We are told to avoid negative thoughts by immediately changing them to positive happy ones, hence preventing us from having a “bad day.” … Read More

The Impostor Self

Our Authentic Self is alive and thriving when we are children. We love exploring, doing the things we like, speaking our mind, telling the truth and our imagination is everything. This is the most Authentic we will ever be in … Read More

Goddess Mindset

With everything we have been telling ourselves, we have been hypnotizing ourselves by believing everything bad others said about us. It was our choice to believe it and we did because it was consistent with how we actually feel about … Read More

A Better Listener

We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” One way we learn to tame and control our minds is by controlling when and how we speak. I truly believe … Read More

Make GOALS for Success

What do you say when someone asks you about your dreams? We immediately think of a million things we dream about. We all have dreams of being famous, or having an amazing body, or paying off your house in 10 … Read More

Only YOU can change YOU

What I have come to realize is that many adults are usually too far gone in their minds to consider a change. They are too set in their ways to care to even try. Maybe they don’t know it is … Read More

Selfish and Proud

You may think that living a good life involves pleasing others, but to fulfill your life goals, you need to first start taking care of yourself. Making yourself a priority – or being “selfish” – will lead to a better … Read More

Confidence is Everything

They say we all have haters. Those internet trolls that are so far away we usually don’t care what they think of us. They are total strangers who don’t matter in our lives so we don’t give them much thought. … Read More

Babies and Berries

Once upon a time, humans were hunters and gatherers. Men went out hunting for meat while the women stayed back safe and gathered berries and cared for the babies. This seemed to be the ideal way to survive those harsh … Read More

Celebrate Your Strengths

For a few days now I’ve been trying to relate to this post. I started writing this without even thinking of what my answer would be. I challenged myself to think outside the box and to finally say things I … Read More

Turn Poison into Honey

The main reason for this blog is to be able to turn all the poisonous junk I’ve gone through into something I can use to help others. Turning your poison into honey means it’s our choice what we do with … Read More