Babies and Berries

Once upon a time, humans were hunters and gatherers. Men went out hunting for meat while the women stayed back safe and gathered berries and cared for the babies. This seemed to be the ideal way to survive those harsh times and both genders did important tasks for their survival.

The thing is we no longer live in these prehistoric times and have evolved from times of hunting mammoths and gathering berries. So why do we still have the same old mentality that women should focus on being good at raising babies and picking berries while men are encouraged to be good hunters, raised to be providers and achievers and conquerors in life?

We are no longer in the Stone Age but many of us were raised with the idea that women should be pretty, pick berries, and have babies to make it in life. That we should tend to our men and have no real ambitions of our own but to be supportive of all our husband’s endeavors. It turns out just trying to find a good hunter for a husband in life is no longer enough. 

Spears and Arrows and Berries and Babies oh my!

What if a woman wants to hunt? What if a woman wants to hunt and gather? This idea used to be considered ludicrous but not only do we now want this more than ever, we actually crave it. Things get difficult for us because we still have to tend to the berries and the babies otherwise we will be shunned and be labeled “bad mothers” or “bad wives”. We have this unfair disadvantage if we want to hunt/gather but we always find ways to manage it all. I am constantly inspired by so many amazing boss ladies who are killing it!

The struggle of modern Women Hunter/Gatherer.

We have this false belief that men only like berry picking women. The truth is real evolved men are supportive of the decisions the hunter women in their lives want to make. A real evolved woke man will not feel intimidated or challenged by a hunter woman but feel empowered and proud to have her in his life. 

A hunter woman follows her dreams and creates the life path that will make her happy. She allows herself the right to choose if she wants a spear and go for the hunt. The right man will walk beside her as a partner because he knows how valuable she is. Together they can become a power couple capable of conquering territories one cannot do on his own. A hunter man and a hunter woman become pack hunters and when packs unite they become unstoppable.

You want berries, go to Whole Foods.

My point is for young ladies to please get out there and handle your business. Be the boss lady of your life, be independent, get your education, get your degree, get your career, get your life plan as soon as you can. If you are a hunter woman, own it, if you’re a gatherer, own it, if you’re a hunter/gatherer, they slay darling! We all have different goals in life at different times. For me, raising my daughters in a family I feel proud of while running a successful business has been my greatest achievement in life. The important thing is that you make this choice for yourself and you should never feel you have to change your authentic self for anyone. 

Happy Hunting! 🙂